Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review: Anna Dressed In Blood


 Anna Dressed in Blood
 Kendare Blake
Tor Teen
Review: What can I say about this book that has not been said already. Amazing. I am a horror fan big time, and this book kept me reading. Not for the squeamish I am giving this to my son to read. I loved this book. I was engaged by the brilliant writing. This book was good on many levels for me. The characters were well written. I like Cas's calling was intriguing something you don't see in books. The romance was slow growing not put in as an after thought or introduced in the first page. I also liked the fact that he gained friends and Cas did not hide his "special talents" from them. Anna was a marvelous character I really felt her pain and anger. I also felt sorry for her. Is that possible to feel for a murderous ghost ? That to me proves how well the writing and character development was.
The flow of the book was also a great quality to the book. Once the action started it keep you reading . I have read books where the author goes on for pages between action and it feels like the author is trying to fill space. This book had none of that. This book does have some gory moments in it but even that did not stop me from reading. It tied the story together well and keep me reading till morning. Even with my imagination running wild and jumping at every little sound late at night.
I give this book 5 out of 5 stars    

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