Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: Hunger Games Book and Movie

The Hunger Games
Suzanne Collins
 Scholastic Press
Review:  I withheld the description of this book because I believe with all the hype with the book and the movie, just about everyone and their mother has either read or seen the movie. This was a great book and I do not know why I put off reading it for so long. ( I saw the movie after I read it.)  I was very reluctant to read it as I am with all books that popular at the time and wait for the hub bub to die down before picking it up. My son suggested we read it several times. I pushed it aside and told him "lets pick a different book. " He had read it in school and I wanted to introduce him to new books instead of repeating books over and over again. So the last time he asked about it I gave in. The movie was coming out and I thought if was time to pick it up and give it a try.
            I was not expecting what I found. This book left me speechless several times. I was drawn in by all the characters and all the action. Peeta and Katniss struggle to survive was so gripping I did not and would not put this book down. I carried it everywhere I went just to get a chance to read one or two pages. I would be thinking of the book and the games when I was not reading. I talked about the book to co-workers and friends. Then it happened

THE MOVIE:  Ok looks great looks amazing.I want to see it , I need to see it. Well with the book fresh in my mind I bought my ticket and waited till the day I could see it. And my reaction. It was good. I enjoyed the movie. They did a good job. The actresses and actors were well adapted to their parts and I did want to see it again. I had the opportunity to see the movie with a person who read the book like myself and two people who did not read the book. So I asked the two who did not see it what they thought.
     My husband was under the impression that Katniss and her family were middle class. I explained to him in the book they were barley getting by and had to hunt to survive. They had to struggle in every day life just to make it. I did not think they portrayed this to the fullest and I understand that you really can't because of the length of the film. I asked my husband what class he thought we were and he said "Middle Class" I then asked him if he would give up one of our children for the Hunger Games and I got the look I knew I was going to get. He would die before he did that and so would I. I wanted him to have a greater understanding of how these people lived that I thought the movie missed. 

            Okay let me say in closing I may buy the DVD. I am getting the books in hard cover (something I rarely do ) because I want to read them again and the rest of my family wants to read them. I always say the books are better than the movies and this one at least in my mind is proof of that statement. I got more out of the book than I did the movie.

     The Book  

   The Movie


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