Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year


    Can you believe it is 2013. I thought we were not suppose to be here? Well it is a good thing we are I have too many book tbr. So I decided to make some reading resolutions to help me clear up my bookcases.

1. Finish My Good reads Challenge- I finished last years of 50 books actually I overshot it at 55 books. Sooooo  I up this year too 100 books.

2. More Videos -  I also have a book tube channel and I have neglected it so badly. I love watching book tubers and seeing all the books, So I visited my channel and promised to make more videos for it. This will include Monthly TBR. #Friday reads, Book Hauls and Monthly Wrap-ups.

3. Bookish Friends Challenge - A book tube colab channel has issued a challenge to all the viewers. I thought I would participate.

4. Buy Less Books -  This is a tough one for everyone. Okay this one is going to be hard, since bookstores call my name as I pass, so for every ten books I read I can buy 5 cutting my incoming books by half . That is because I have 709 books on my TBR piles and they are pushing my husband out of the house. So I had to chose My husband or my books. It took a while but, My husband won.

5. Finish Series I own - Okay I have a bad habit of starting series and reading a few of the books and buying the rest and letting them sit on my shelf. Well now I have to clear them up and end the series. I hate to see them go, but there are new books and I would really like to read them.

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