Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Review : A Death Displaced

 A Death Displaced
Andrew Butcher
From Goodreads: A woman fated to die. A vision that could save her ...

Nicolas Crystan, struggling to cope with his traumatic past, shuffles through life keeping mostly to himself ... until he has a disturbing daydream of a woman's death. At first he tries to forget it, but when real life mimics the daydream, he realises it was no ordinary fantasy—it was a vision of the future. To save a life, he must act fast.

When Juliet Maystone escapes death, defying fate, she becomes 'displaced' in this world. All she wants is to return to her bustling day-to-day routine, successfully running her own business, but as hard as she tries, she can't ignore that things have changed for her. She has to face up to the fact that being 'displaced' comes with an unexpected ability.

On Lansin Island, a quaint place with a dark history of its own, Nicolas and Juliet must learn to use their newfound abilities and work together to unravel a mystery more connected to Nicolas than he could ever have imagined ...

My Review: I recieved this book from the publisher and netgalley for an honest review.

         I was pulled into this book from page one. The author was creative in the way he wove all the character together to compel the story  and plot. The realism of the writing transports you into the story and you find yourself  sharing the emotions of the characters. Well developed characters kept me reading and I will continue this series.I have already started the second book.

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