Monday, February 1, 2016

Review: The Truth Spell

The Truth Spell ( Werewolf High 1)
Anita Oh
 From Goodreads: As soon as I stepped onto the grounds of Amaris High, I knew I'd made a big mistake. I could never fit in at such a snobbish school – I was more IT girl than "it girl". But then I saw him.

Sam Spencer. My childhood best friend. But it couldn't be. Sam Spencer had died three years ago, on the night that changed everything. I need to know what happened, why he's suddenly not dead and is hanging out with a bunch of rich kids.

When the school is hit by a truth spell, it seems like the perfect chance to find out what Sam and his creepy new friends are hiding, but the weirder things get, the less I'm sure I want to know. Even for Sam, even for the free food, Amaris High might be more trouble than it's worth.
My Review: I found this book extremely entertaining and fast paced. Told in the first person by Lucy an interesting and intelligent girl, who helps support her family by fixing electronics. Strong and unique characters propel you to continue reading  . This is a well written and the world building thrust you into the middle of the student body making you feel like a student yourself. Just as you feel you have unpacked you bags, the rollercoaster takes off, with twists and turns you don't see coming. Great mystery and fantasy mixed into one looking forward to the second book.
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