Saturday, August 12, 2017

Where I have been and new start

Hello my followers and casual readers,
     I know I have not been here for a long time due to family problems and personal problems, but this month I finally resolved all of them for good. I know I thought they were gone before but now for sure they are gone. I will be blogging more and reviewing 2 books a week for a while. I am also starting a new blog about my life and things I am struggling with as a therapeutic outlet. If your interested in that blog let me know. I will be dealing with my weight, money and my efforts to break bad habits.

                       But as for the books I have been trying to clear my bookshelves so I have books to review and books to read so starting August 13th this blog will be up and running again. Thank you for sticking it out and hanging in there with me.

  So Let's read on.

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