Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I am letting you choose the book I am going to read next since I can't decide between 3 of them

1 Anna Dressed in Blood
2. Divergent
3. The Body Finder

Just comment in the order you want me to read these by number and I will start the top pick next week

Thanks for the help


  1. 2.Divergent first!!!! Then 1 and 3. Divergent just blew my mind
    RB :)

  2. I'd say The Body Finder. I absolutely loved it. It was a thriller that kept me up at night. :)

  3. You should read Divergent! Everyone keeps talking about it lol but I haven't read it yet! I'd love it if you would check out my book (or I guess my blook :P)! The link is http://17hnak.blogspot.ca/

  4. (from bookblogs) Divergent first? I am waiting to read that one - can't wait! I've heard it is really good.

    Amanda http://cozywritersden.blogspot.ca/
    (Let me know if you follow and I'll happily follow you back!)