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Okay, I know I seemed to have vanished for a few months but I have had to take care of some family business over the last three or four months and it looks like it is going to extend into the new year. Then I am moving so I have to start packing everything up. I am going to try to blog but I know I will be back full strength in May  2015. By then I will be in the new home and blogging 3 times a week and all my family issues will be cleared up. I am disappointed that I have not been able to blog more this year but I am looking forward to having a ton of books to review when I get start on a regular schedule in May.
     I want to wish all my readers a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year 

      Hope you will remember me in May and look for more reviews by me  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Review : A Death Displaced

 A Death Displaced
Andrew Butcher
From Goodreads: A woman fated to die. A vision that could save her ...

Nicolas Crystan, struggling to cope with his traumatic past, shuffles through life keeping mostly to himself ... until he has a disturbing daydream of a woman's death. At first he tries to forget it, but when real life mimics the daydream, he realises it was no ordinary fantasy—it was a vision of the future. To save a life, he must act fast.

When Juliet Maystone escapes death, defying fate, she becomes 'displaced' in this world. All she wants is to return to her bustling day-to-day routine, successfully running her own business, but as hard as she tries, she can't ignore that things have changed for her. She has to face up to the fact that being 'displaced' comes with an unexpected ability.

On Lansin Island, a quaint place with a dark history of its own, Nicolas and Juliet must learn to use their newfound abilities and work together to unravel a mystery more connected to Nicolas than he could ever have imagined ...

My Review: I recieved this book from the publisher and netgalley for an honest review.

         I was pulled into this book from page one. The author was creative in the way he wove all the character together to compel the story  and plot. The realism of the writing transports you into the story and you find yourself  sharing the emotions of the characters. Well developed characters kept me reading and I will continue this series.I have already started the second book.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review : Where she Went

Where She Went
Gayle Forman
 Dutton Juvenile
From Goodreads: It's been three years since the devastating accident . . . three years since Mia walked out of Adam's life forever.

Now living on opposite coasts, Mia is Juilliard's rising star and Adam is LA tabloid fodder, thanks to his new rock star status and celebrity girlfriend. When Adam gets stuck in New York by himself, chance brings the couple together again, for one last night. As they explore the city that has become Mia's home, Adam and Mia revisit the past and open their hearts to the future-and each other.

Told from Adam's point of view in the spare, lyrical prose that defined If I Stay, Where She Went explores the devastation of grief, the promise of new hope, and the flame of rekindled romance.
My Review :   I Loved this book just as much as the first. When I saw this book looking at me in the store I knew I had to own it. I loved everything about this story. How it picked the story up three years later was wonderful and made the feeling more compelling. I felt for Adam in this book so much his confusion over what happened I shared.  The ending was perfect and my heart sung with joy the perfect ending for these two amazing characters. Again I will read anything Gayle Forman writes even if it is a manual of instructions because her writing is amazing

Review: Breathe

Elena Dillon
From Good reads: Jasmine's life wasn't normal for a 16 year old girl. It hadn't been normal since the murder of her older sister, Daisy, two years ago. Her life had been changed forever. The monster that murdered Daisy was never caught. That was the reason her family decided to move away from their hometown in Southern California, to start over. Hopefully in a place where the last name Rourke wouldn't bring on staring or judgment or morbid curiosity. In Lafayette, Louisiana things are quite a bit different but in a good way. Good manners, Cajun accents and a whole lot of Southern Hospitality all make her think things are going in the right direction. On top of that the most gorgeous boy she has ever met is interested in her. Her new friends are better than she could have hoped for even if she is worried about what they might think when they find out who she is. Life would be perfect if odd things didn't keep happening. Creepy phone calls, texts, and flowers in her locker start adding up quickly to something terrifying. Could the Monster have followed them to Lafayette? Was he coming after her this time? Maybe she was just worrying unnecessarily...or not.
My Review :  I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review

      This was a very good book. The character development was very detailed and back stories for Jasmine and her family where interesting and complete. This was a lovely story young love and dark danger that come together in a spine tingling story. This was a fast and compelling read with the action really picking up in the last three chapters that make you hold your breath. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Review : I Am Not a Serial Killer

I Am Not A Serial Killer
Dan Wells
Tor Books
From Goodreads: John Wayne Cleaver is dangerous, and he knows it. He’s spent his life doing his best not to live up to his potential. He’s obsessed with serial killers, but really doesn’t want to become one. So for his own sake, and the safety of those around him, he lives by rigid rules he’s written for himself, practicing normal life as if it were a private religion that could save him from damnation. Dead bodies are normal to John. He likes them, actually. They don’t demand or expect the empathy he’s unable to offer. Perhaps that’s what gives him the objectivity to recognize that there’s something different about the body the police have just found behind the Wash-n-Dry Laundromat---and to appreciate what that difference means. Now, for the first time, John has to confront a danger outside himself, a threat he can’t control, a menace to everything and everyone he would love, if only he could.

My Review: Okay from the title I was really looking forward to reading this book. I must admit I bought this book for the title and did not even read the synopsis. So I started reading with just the title in mind. I was looking forward to a dark and twisted tale about a boy's struggle to overcome his inner demons.  I got that and so much more I was not prepared for the paranormal aspects of this book,  but I loved it.  Dan Wells wrote such an engrossing book that you have to keep reading till the end. I was not dissatisfied that this story took me too a different direction than I thought it was going to take. I am happy I went for the ride.

Review : Stiltskin

Andrew Buckley
Curiosity Quills Press
From Goodreads: What would you do if you found an evil dwarf in your bathtub?

In Robert Darkly’s case you scream like a girl… and then you get taken on a journey to an entirely different world living just on the other side of our own reality; a world where fairy tales are real but not in the way we’ve come to expect them.

The aforementioned dwarf, Rumpelstiltskin, has escaped the Tower prison of Thiside determined to finish the sinister plot he started so many years ago.

Robert Darkly, oblivious that he is the son of the Mad Hatter, must partner with the mysterious ‘Agency’ to pursue Rumpelstiltskin across our world and the world of Thiside and uncover the treacherous secret that threatens to throw both realities into eternal chaos.
My Review: I was given this book to review by Netgalley and The Publishers. I would like to thank both of them.
This book was great. I loved the way Andrew Buckley wove this world with the fairy tale world and created a wonderfully inventive world that makes a unique landscape for this wild ride and fun adventure. The reader is transported to a world that is different than the one we have learned about in fairy tales a darker and dangerous world . This book takes some crazy twists and turns to make this a fast paced and fun read that keeps the reader intrigued and reading. I for one need a sequal to this book Please and Fast. I want to go back to Thiside.


Review: Darkridge Hall

Darkridge Hall
Michael K. Rose
From Goodreads: An evil lurks in the depths of Darkridge Hall, and Andy, a new student at Kransten Academy, is about to meet it face to face.

When threatening, shadowy figures appear outside his dorm room window, Andy decides to solve the mystery of just who or what they are. But those same shadows may be responsible for the strange deaths that have been occurring in the town of Bethlehem, Maine over the past several decades.

As Andy, his teacher Mark Harris and police chief Charles Buck struggle to put the pieces together, they soon realize that the answer may come too late for them to stop the malevolent power behind it all.
My Review:  I recieved and ARC of this book from Netgalley and the Publisher. I would like to thank them.
   I think I should have waited till Oct. to add this to my Holloween Reads because it was dark and scary and made me read it strait throught. Wonderfully inventive with the plot and creepy. I had chills reading this spine tingler and jumping at shadows. This book is the perfect kind to introduce young readers to the genere of horror.( If read in the daytime.)  I also loved the story line taking from Egyptian history. Made me interested in it.  

Review : If I Stay

If I Stay
Gayle Forman
Publisher : Speak
From Goodreads : On a day that started like any other, Mia had everything: a loving family, a gorgeous, admiring boyfriend, and a bright future full of music and full of choices. In an instant, almost all of that is taken from her. Caught between life and death, between a happy past and an unknowable future, Mia spends one critical day contemplating the only decision she has left. It is the most important decision she'll ever make.
My Review:  This book blew me away. I loved this book. The first book by Gayle Forman I ever read but I can tell you it will not be the last. So touching and moving. I laughed ,I cried, I felt all the emotions while reading this amazing novel then I found out there is a sequal and I ran out to buy it. This book was so touching and moving I am going to start the next one right now. Gayle Forman has a fan for life now. I hope she never stops writting. I am also going to buy more of her book. This is one thing I love about blogging. I discover new authors that I never would have picked up before .  If you want a book that make you feel all the emotions on the scale and makes you cheer for the ending, this is it. I was so happy to find the story continues and I look forward to finishing that too .

Friday, September 12, 2014

Review: The Demon Notebook

The Demon Notebook
Erika Megann
 Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
From Goodreads:
For Grace and her four best friends, magic is just harmless fun—until it's not...

Things have gone wrong for Grace, Jenny, Rachel, Adie, and Una. Very wrong. A freak snowstorm stranded the whole school, the history teacher's gone bonkers, and their notebook has taken on a diabolical life of its own, bringing all of their previously failed spells to life. At first the girls are thrilled to see their magic finally working.

But the spells are botched and people might get hurt and Una's not acting quite right...

Can the girls stop the madness before the demon notebook works through their list of spells, slowly creeping towards the last, truly awful spell that they didn't really want to happen?

My Review:   I would like to thank netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book for my honest review.

    I enjoyed this book about friendship and witchcraft. Delightful adventure and fantasy that is never too dark or scary, This story highlites good friendships with long lasting bonds in a positive way. The story is fast paced but never loses any of its charm. I was pulled in right from the begining and did not stop reading.

    I would recommend this book for middle graders who want to be intoduced to a spooky and dark story with an interesting storyline and good friends.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: The Other Lamb

The Other Lamb
Katie Young
 Curiosity Quills Press
Published August 28th 2014
Incarcerated on Earth as punishment for breeding with humans, the Watchers found a way to escape. Zach is living proof of that…even though someone has cut out his heart.

When Zach turns eighteen he develops an insatiable thirst for blood, but he tries to bury his fears and go on enjoying his birthday. His best friend Kim has scored them tickets to the hottest gig in town. But a charged encounter with his idol, the enigmatic rock star known as Grigory, leads to a revelation that shatters everything Zach thinks he knows about himself and the world, and places everyone dear to him in grave danger.
Zach is a Naphil, the forbidden offspring of a mortal woman and a Watcher. When those who seek to destroy him snatch Kim, Zach is forced to embark on a journey of discovery spanning continents and ages. With the help of a mysterious stranger named Sam, Zach must unearth the truth about his parentage, find Kim, and discover who has stolen his heart…before he triggers the apocalypse.
My Review :  Wow what a book. I now look at fallen angles in a whole new light and it is a eye opener. This book grabs you and does not let go till the last page. Filled with interesting revolations that keep you reading and holding your breath till the next one . I was a little surprised by the graphic sex and violence being that it is a young adult book I believe it is more of a new adult book. I may continue the series but my daughter will have to wait another year before I let her read this. My son on the other hand is loving this book right now (He is 18)

Review : The Dirt Diary

The Dirt Diary
Anna Staniszewski
 Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
From Goodreads: WANTED: Maid for the most popular kids in 8th grade.

Cleaning up after the in-crowd gets Rachel all the best dirt.

Rachel can't believe she has to give up her Saturdays to scrubbing other people's toilets. So. Gross. But she kinda, sorta stole $287.22 from her college fund that she's got to pay back ASAP or her mom will ground her for life. Which is even worse than working for her mother's new cleaning business. Maybe. After all, becoming a maid is definitely not going to help her already loserish reputation.

But Rachel picks up more than smell socks on the job. As maid to some of the most popular kids in school, Rachel suddenly has all the dirt on the 8th grade in-crowd. Her formerly boring diary is now filled with juicy secrets. And when her crush offers to pay her to spy on his girlfriend, Rachel has to decide if she's willing to get her hands dirty....
My Review:  I want to thank Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this book for my honest review
 I really enjoyed this book. This book deals with being an outsider to the cool kids. Crushes. Family Issues. This book is a great read for anyone with those problems. We all had thoese problems in 8Th grade. Delightful tale and Rachel is such a great character. She seems to leap off the pages and you are soon invested in her life. You want to help and root for her. Wether it is her baking skills, her struggles with a mother and father that just separated, or her crush and his evil girlfriend, you do want everything to work for her, and help her overcome the issues.
   Anna Staniszewski writting is wonderfully descriptive and flows so well you will finish this book and want more. I know I do. First book the trilogy and I am starting the second book soon. I was interested in the description but I am finishing the series for the love of the story.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cover Reveal : Night of Pan

Night of Pan, by Gail Strickland
Genre: young-adult, historical-fantasy

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

Date of Release: November 7, 2014

Series: Book One of The Oracle of Delphi Trilogy

Cover Artist: Ricky Gunawan (



The slaughter of the Spartan Three Hundred at Thermopylae, Greece 480 BCE—when King Leonidas tried to stop the Persian army with only his elite guard—is well known. But just what did King Xerxes do after he defeated the Greeks?

Fifteen-year-old Thaleia is haunted by visions: roofs dripping blood, Athens burning. She tries to convince her best friend and all the villagers that she’s not crazy. The gods do speak to her.

And the gods have plans for this girl.

When Xerxes’ army of a million Persians marches straight to the mountain village Delphi to claim the Temple of Apollo’s treasures and sacred power, Thaleia’s gift may be her people’s last line of defense.

Her destiny may be to save Greece…

…but is one girl strong enough to stop an entire army?

Pre-order on Amazon now:

About The Author:
While studying the Classics in college, Gail Strickland translated much of Homer’s ILIAD and ODYSSEY, Herodotus’ prophecies and THE BACCHAI by Euripides. Living on the Greek islands after college, she discovered her love of myth, the wine-dark sea and retsina.

THE BALTIMORE REVIEW and WRITER’S DIGEST have recognized Gail’s fiction. She published stories and poems in Travelers’ Tales’ anthologies and the San Francisco Writer’s anthology. Her poetry and photography were published in a collection called CLUTTER.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Gail grew up in Northern California. She raised her children; was a musical director for CAT children’s theater; taught music in schools; mentored young poets and novelists and introduced thousands of youngsters to piano and Greek mythology. Gail is passionate about bringing the richness of Homer’s language and culture to today’s youth.

Find Gail Strickland Online:
Website (| Facebook ( | Twitter (| Goodreads ( | Google + (

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cover Reveal : Remembering Kaylee Cooper

Remembering Kaylee Cooper, by Christopher Francis
Genre: middle-grade paranormal-fantasy

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

Date of Release: September 30, 2014


Kaylee Cooper is certain that Alex will become friends with a ghost this year. Alex thinks that he is far too old to be listening to a first grader and encourages Kaylee to stop jeopardizing his important sixth grade social life. Kaylee doesn’t listen and finds awkward ways to spend as much time with Alex as possible, even if it means following him into the boy’s washroom.

Fed up, Alex develops a strategic plan to ultimately help him get rid of Kaylee Cooper for good.

However, he soon learns about the mysterious legend of Screaming Ridge that pulls an unlikely group of friends together, including the girl of his dreams, and the school’s meanest bully. When they discover that the legend is real, and that Kaylee Cooper is at the core of the mystery, Alex stares death in the face and helps save her from an eternal life of misery and confusion.




About The Author:
Christopher  FrancisCHRISTOPHER FRANCIS Born in Brisbane, Australia, Christopher was accepted at age 19 into Sheridan College’s Animation program before earning a degree in Sociology from McMaster University.

He then enjoyed a two-year adventure overseas working with children, before completing his Bachelor of Education degree at York University. He is now teaching junior and intermediate level students in Burlington, Ontario.

Through Christopher’s experience working with children, he found writing and illustrating to be one of his passions. Currently working on a middle grade series, he recently completed and illustrated the first three books. He has also created seven other children’s picture books and illustrated children’s novels for independent authors

Find Christopher Francis Online:
Website (| Facebook ( | Twitter (| Goodreads (


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Review: Caller 107

Caller 107
Matthew Cox
 Curiosity Quills Press
When thirteen-year-old Natalie Rausch said she would die to meet DJ Crazy Todd, she did not mean to be literal.

Two years is a long time to be stuck between two people who want nothing more than to destroy each other. A tween crush on the larger-than-life jock from a local radio station is the only trace of a once-happy life ruined by warring parents.

Whenever WROK 107 ran a contest, she would dive for the phone, getting busy signals and dead air every time. She never expected to get through, but at least with her best friend at her side, it used to be fun.

Before her parents ruined that too.

Her last desperate attempt to get their attention, falling in with a dangerous group of older teens, goes as wrong as possible. With no one left to blame for her mess of a life but herself, karma comes full circle and gives her just a few hours to make up for two years worth of mistakes–or be forever lost.

My Review :  I would like to thank Curiosity Quills Press for a copy of this book  for my honest review.

         I thought this book was wonderful because of the thought provoking matters it dealt with. Divorce is hard on children and when the two people divorcing want nothing more than to hurt each other children get caught in the middle. This book showed that and what happens when the child pushes back.  I think teens and adults should read this book just for the discussions that can arise from it.  My step daughter is reading it and we have discussed so much already. Really a touching and thought provoking book. I also liked how Natalie was able to see each parents side and come to a better understanding of what really happed in her parents marriage.  


Friday, August 8, 2014

Review: The Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck Magic & Mayhem

The Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck: Magic and Mayhem,
 by Stan Swanson
Genre: middle-grade, action-adventure fantasy
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Date of Publication: August 7th, 2014.
Cover Artist: Ricky Gunawan (
Things are not as they should be in Pennywhistle. Enchanted toasters are not toasting, enchanted sprinklers are not sprinkling and Hobart Hucklebuck’s origami messenger birds are suddenly attacking him.
Someone seems to be draining the power from all of the enchanted items in the village. But who could it be and why have they implicated Hobart’s grandfather?
"The Misadventures of Hobart Hucklebuck" follows Hobart and his friends, Specks Spacklethack and Rosie Rumpleskirt, as they try to solve this mystery and free Hobart’s grandfather from the Tower of Tribulation on Mumblemonk Mountain.
The trio’s investigation into the mysterious happenings on Druid Lane gets them into hot water more than once and ultimately brings them dangerously close to disaster not only for themselves, but the entire village of Pennywhistle.

My Review: I really enjoyed this fun and thrilling story. Fast paced and flow is wonderful. I enjoyed the whimsical writing in this book it reminded me of how Willy Wonka(Gene Wilder)  talked in the movie. (I have never read the book)  it was very amusing and had me giggling at the names of items and people.  The story was good too Hobart tries to prove his grandfathers innocents, and find out why enchanted items are not working. The author also makes us look at how dependent people are on enchanted items just like we are dependent on electronic items now. I am buying this book for my daughter. I thought it was fun and fast read with wonderful characters and amazing moral lessons and family values .


About The Author:
Stan Swanson

Stan Swanson is a Bram Stoker award finalist and author of eight books including Forever Zombie (a collection of short stories), Write of the Living Dead (a highly-praised writing guide written with Araminta Star Matthews and Rachel Lee) and Return of the Scream Queen (co-authored with Michael McCarty and Linnea Quigley). He is also editor/publisher for Dark Moon Books and Dark Moon Digest. Upcoming titles include Horror High School: Return of the Loving Dead (the first book in a young adult horror series co-written with Araminta Star Matthews), Dead Sparrows (a collection of apocalyptic poetry) and The Methlands (a horror novel co-written with award-winning author Joe McKinney).

Find Stan Swanson Online:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: How to Date Dead Guys

How to Date Dead Guys
Ann M. Noser
Curiosity Quills Press
From Goodreads: College sophomore Emma Roberts remembers her mother’s sage advice: “don’t sleep around, don’t burp in public, and don’t tell anyone you see ghosts”. But when cute Mike Carlson drowns in the campus river under her watch, Emma’s sheltered life shatters.

Blamed for Mike’s death and haunted by nightmares, Emma turns to witchcraft and a mysterious Book of Shadows to bring him back. Under a Blood Moon, she lights candles, draws a pentacle on the campus bridge, and casts a spell. The invoked river rages up against her, but she escapes its fury. As she stumbles back to the dorm, a stranger drags himself from the water and follows her home. And he isn’t the only one…

Instead of raising Mike, Emma assists the others she stole back from the dead—a pre-med student who jumped off the bridge, a young man determined to solve his own murder, and a frat boy Emma can’t stand…at first. More comfortable with the dead than the living, Emma delves deeper into the seductive Book of Shadows. Her powers grow, but witchcraft may not be enough to protect her against the vengeful river and the killers that feed it their victims.

My Review:    First I have to thank Curiosity Quill Press for the copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

      This book was a wonderful read. With great character development and growth. Combined with an intriguing mystery and touching romance. This book surprised me. I was expecting a book steep in the paranormal or witch craft, but it is a touching story about unfinished business and trying to make things right. I was moved and sympathetic to the resurrected people and Emma. I was captivated by the mystery and loved how the story flowed. Fast and enjoyable read. I am looking forward to the sequel and will look for more from this writer.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Review: Forget Me

Forget Me
K. A. Harrington
 Putnam Juvenile
From Goodreads : On the three-month anniversary of her boyfriend Flynn’s death, Morgan uploads her only photo of him to FriendShare to get some closure—but she’s shocked when the facial recognition software suggests she tag him as "Evan Murphy." She’s never heard of Evan, but a quick search tells her that he lives in a nearby town and looks exactly like Flynn. Only this boy is very much alive.

Digging through layers of secrets and lies, Morgan is left questioning everything she thought she knew about her boyfriend, her town, and even her parents' involvement in this massive web of lies.
My Review :  I have to thank Putnam Juvenile for sending me an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
      I loved this book. It is the first YA mystery I have read and I could not put it down. When I first read the synopsis of this book I was thinking "Yes this book sounds great. " I was not disappointed. I read this book in two nights. The story was intriguing and I loved how the author used social media in the book. I had a hard time figuring the ending out and I was shocked by the way it ended but also delighted.
     I felt for Morgan and her lose I found her to be a sympathetic character and very good character. When your so young and blame yourself for someone's death is an awful burden to carry with you. Morgan was a realistic teen I could understand with a natural curiosity that anyone would have facing the same situation.  Evan is another great character and as the story goes on you connect with him too.

     The story's flow is wonderful. From the first page you are pulled in and never want to stop reading to see what is going to happen next. Thrilling and suspenseful the combination you want for a great mystery  and this is a Great Read.


Monday, July 28, 2014

Review: Adventures With Ragweed

Adventures with Ragweed is a collection of humorous short stories filled with adventure and family themes.

Ragweed is a tribute to the whimsical part of each of us. Follow this young teen and her best friend, Marney as they travel to Mexico for a fishing trip, where the family is to shoot a pilot for a television show, instead, find themselves in an unexpected sea storm.
Laugh out loud as Ragweed takes on the tennis elite at the country club or attempts to rearrange their perfectly cut lawns.
Always one to learn new things, this young freckled face gal with the unruly blonde hair, builds a float, rides a horse and grows a garden - always getting into unintentional trouble and conning her friends to partake. Each task done with her own unique vies of the world.

My Review:  I thought this book was fun and silly. It reminded me of what it was like to be a young kid and how much I miss it. Light hearted and very whimsical. Great to read to younger children as bed time stories or encourage your children to read by letting them read these wonderful stories to you. You'll laugh out loud when Ragweed talks Marney into some of her fun and unique antics. 

About the Author:
Linda Lou Crosby is a video producer, storyteller and former professional athlete. Like Ragweed she has a unique approach to life. Ragweed is a part of herself she wanted to share with others. Linda Lou has a great sense of humor and likes to laugh and make others laugh too.
She currently lives with her husband in Montana and California where on clear days you can find her fishing, hunting or hiking.