Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Look Ahead 2

Well, been a busy month reading and trying to get more people to see the blog. Been doing good and I over extended myself for Nov and Dec.  I have gotten through most of the blog tours this month one more too go. In Dec I have 9 blog tours. So I will be busy reading.  Then in Jan. I have 1 tour to do, I will also be posting my Christmas Books ( the books my husband bought me) I can't wait to see them :-)   I will also be off my book buying ban. I start that in August so I will be posting on a regular basics again. I will be following the format for this blog again. It is hard to look at books and not being able to buy them so as of Jan 1st  I will be buying only if I can reach my goal  for reading the month before. ( I hope I can stick to that) My Goodreads goal will also be added to the blog. Plus, I will be reading all the books I received for review and giveaways. So expect a lot of activity on this blog once the new year begins.   I will also be doing blog tours but only about one a month. ( I have learned my lesson) .

    I am excited because I have had authors contact me to review their books. I have agreed and I am looking forward to reading them and getting them reviewed. I am also trying to get books though Netgalley and have gotten a few that will be released in April. I will be posting them and reviewing them closer to thier release dates. So we are working on a lot here and the kids and I are still discussing books as we go. This started as a blog for me and my children so I could encourage them to read. That has worked. My children are reading more and we still have fun talking about the books and staying up late and making cupcakes and hot chocolate. More exciting things for the upcoming year and as always More Books.

                                                       Happy Reading


  1. How old are your kids? I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to do some reviews with me. That sounds like such fun!