Monday, January 30, 2012

Update Monday #2

Well, it is Monday again. In 2 days it will be February 1 st.  I will be posting my reads for the month on the first and this month it is Teen Month. As you know I read books with my kids and discuss them with the kids. Unlike me it takes them longer to read a book than it does me. My son has been reading the first book in our selection and is almost done. I will post our reviews at the end of the month. I also have been reading like a fiend to get caught up on this months reads. I fell behind because of an illness and unexpected traveling this month but I got 2 books down and half way through the third I will post my review of the two books I did read on the first and will finish the reads by the end of next month. So a busy month for me. Reading wise. We also have a give-away this month of an e-book I am also reading that and will post on that in two weeks after I finish it and when it is closer to the date of the give-away the 27th.  Well have to get back to reading. Type at you latter.

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