Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Review: 15 Days Without a Head

15 Days Without a Head
15 Days Without a Head
Dave Cousins
Flux Publishers
Despite having a depressed alcoholic mother and a little brother who's convinced he's a dog, fifteen year-old Laurence Roach is trying to live a normal life. But when his mom doesn't come home after work one night, Laurence is terrified that child services will find out she's gone and separate him from his brother.

For two weeks, Laurence does whatever he can to keep her disappearance a secret. Spinning a web of complicated lies for friends, neighbors, and the authorities, Laurence even dresses like his mother to convince everyone she's still around. By following clues, the brothers are finally able to track down their mother's whereabouts. And that's when the real trouble begins in this powerful story about what it means to be a family.
My Review: Wow what a compelling read. The horrors that Laurence face it is amazing how he prevails. I was touched and moved to tear by the way these children were neglected and abused, but through it all they live. I also found myself surprised that this was not a downer book. I was inspired by Laurence and his strong will.This book show us what true courage looks like. I also like the little bit of romance  and the few chuckles I got out of this book. I would recommend this book to anyone from 10 -100 years of age. This heart wrenching and at the same time uplifting story is a wonderful read and I look forward to adding it to my collection. 


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  1. This sounds like an inspirational read. I have a twelve year old that would enjoy it...thanks for the review.
    Joyce at www.jssherr.blogspot.com