Monday, March 4, 2013

Review: Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds

Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds (Blackbird Sisters Mystery, #2)
Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds
Nancy Martin
When a high society jewel thief winds up drowned at the bottom of a pool with a tacky garden gnome tied to her ankles, Nora must swing into action to save her old flame from a hasty murder charge.
My Review: This is a lighter kind of murder mystery series I started and I must say I love it. I like Nora and her sisters. They are strong and fun characters. Nora is trying to pay off her parents debts by working at the local newspaper as a society columnist, because most of them grew up with her she has access to a side of them not usually seen by outsiders. This gives an amusing spin on the upper class and Nora is witty and sarcastic. With the help of her two sisters ( whether she wants it or not) Nora finds herself in situations that you can't help but laugh at. I will continue the series it is a nice change from the hard-boiled detective stories I usually read and the books I read with my kids.

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