Thursday, June 13, 2013

Review : Desires of the Dead

Desires of the Dead (The Body Finder, #2)
Desires of the Dead
Kimberly Derting
HarperCollins Children's Books
The missing dead call to Violet. They want to be found. Violet can sense the echoes of those who've been murdered and the matching imprint that clings to their killers. Only those closest to her know what she is capable of, but when she discovers the body of a young boy she also draws the attention of the FBI, threatening her entire way of life.

As Violet works to keep her morbid ability a secret, she unwittingly becomes the object of a dangerous obsession. Normally, she'd turn to her best friend, Jay, except now that they are officially a couple, the rules of their relationship seem to have changed. And with Jay spending more and more time with his new friend Mike, Violet is left with too much time on her hands as she wonders where things went wrong. But when she fills the void by digging into Mike's tragic family history, she stumbles upon a dark truth that could put everyone in danger.
My Review: Violet is back. Still keeping her gift a secret, but this time it proves harder than before. This book was just as good as the first and I am looking forward to reading the third and fourth. I enjoyed the continuing story and the chills this ran up my spine. Jay and Violet make the perfect couple if she could just stop bodies popping up every where their relationship would ne perfect too. Jay plays his role of overprotective boyfriend to a tee, can you blame him. He almost lose Violet in the first book. This was a great sequel and I look forward to continuing the series.

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