Friday, June 21, 2013

Review : Wanted!

Wanted !
Caroline B. Cooney
Open Road Young Readers
Alice is at home painting her fingernails and ruminating on her parent’s divorce when she receives an oddly desperate-sounding phone call from her father. He instructs her to drop what she’s doing, take his car, and bring two computer disks to him at their favorite ice cream shack. Alice can’t believe her father wants her to take his precious Corvette, and she’s not supposed to drive because she doesn’t have her license yet. But he never gets the chance to explain—and he doesn’t show up to meet her. While Alice is waiting in the car, she hears on the radio that her father’s been murdered. She is sick with grief, knowing her father will never join her. And then the radio announces that someone has already confessed via email: Alice herself. Now Alice’s life has become a nightmare. Even her mother believes she’s guilty. How can she clear her name while she’s on the run? 
My Review:  Wow!!!!! Fast paced and amazing. I loved this story. I actually yelled "RUN" a few time while reading it. Besides getting some strange looks from my husband I was not deterred from looking away from this book. I was afraid I would miss something. This book kept me enthralled till the last page and as I write this my heart is just now slowing and I am shocked at how well it ended.

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