Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review : My Ultimate Sister Disaster

My Ultimate Sister Disaster
Jane Mendle
 St. Martin's Griffin
What happens when your sister becomes your biggest rival?

If there were a way to pick your family, fourteen-year old Franny might not pick her own. Her father is a hipster boutique owner who's constantly "friending" her on Facebook, her mother is off in Kenya jumpstarting her stalled anthropology career, and her sister Zooey, eleven months older and eight inches taller, is a precocious, prima ballerina. Lately, Zooey's so absorbed with her burgeoning ballet career that she barely seems to notice Franny. And since Zooey attends a top ballet conservatory, Franny's on her own navigating the brutal halls of her Manhattan prep school, a first-year trying to get noticed on the school paper (and by its soulful, long-lashed editor-in-chief).

But everything changes when Zooey breaks her leg and her dancing comes to grinding halt. Her ballet dreams shattered, Zooey begins to hone in on Franny's "normal" life and friends. Franny feels terrible for Zooey, but when her encroachment starts to extend to Franny’s long-time crush, Franny begins to wonder if her sister might just be her worst competition..
My Review:  Okay, everyone must admit we have that sibling that just seems too perfect (or is it just me?) This was a great book. Franny feels like she is living in her sisters shadow, and too a point it is true. Zooey seems to have it all a great start to become a famous dancer and the gleaming pride of her parents to back her. Then both their lives change. This story made me laugh and made me think. I liked how the situations these girls were put in helped them better understand each other. I loved how this book ended and I want to read more from this author. Eye opening and heart warming. This book is for anyone who feel like they live in someone's shadow.

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