Monday, March 26, 2012

Update Monday # 10

Doing good almost have my reviews for the book I have read ready to post. I have been sitting down with my kids and talking about the books we have read more and more so the reviews are going to start being longer and more detailed as to the points of the books we like and why, what we think of the characters. I want my children's opinions to be voiced more on the books they read. I think that will make this blog stand apart from other so book that I read with my kids will have 2 reviews one from me (adult) one from the age range the books intended for. My reads will only have one review.

Okay, with that out of the way I am going to see "The Hunger Game" today so I will post my thoughts and my sons thoughts on the movie tonight. I am hoping it is as good as the book.

      Ok how do I say this without sounding like I am being too harsh. The movie was good but the book was amazing.

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