Monday, March 19, 2012

Update Monday # 9

Monday again, the best thing about today is the weather. This past week has been wonderful. I have finished my reading for the month. I started reading for the next month. I did not expect to finish so early. I have also started my Christmas Presents for people. I cross stitch and have decided to make everyone Christmas ornaments. I may even do a give away of them if I have enough, with a book of course. Right now I am reading

I read the first one in the series. I must admit it has been years since I read it but I did like it or I would not have bought the second one. I am also looking forward to making a dent in my tbr pile. Then I will have room for more books YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Ok I know if your like me you go to the bookstore just for fun. My husband has FYE and I have B&N. It just works. I also bought something I told myself I would wait for but could not.

I got this for my Kindle now I have to work it into my TBR pile. I got ahead of myself and have the books all picked out for several months to come but I may have to add this one. Well let me get back to reading have a great day and see you on Wednesday.

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