Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review: You Know What You Have To Do

You Know What You Have to Do
You Know What You Have To Do
Bonnie Shimko
Amazon Childrens Publishing
March 28th
This quirky, appealing YA novel turns formulaic teen fiction on its head as funny, feisty fifteen year-old Mary-Magdalene Feigenbaum (otherwise known as Maggie) suddenly faces more than the usual typical YA concerns: a voice in her head that is telling her to kill people. Not just anyone—each time the target is someone who has done something terrible to a person Maggie cares for. You know what you have to do, the voice commands. Maggie struggles to resist, but the voice is relentless.

With rising suspense, this story of psychological horror introduces a narrator whose own unique voice and irreverent humor are unforgettable—an unlikely hero fighting a desperate battle against incomprehensible evil.
My Review: This book was amazing. I loved it. This is the first book I have read with such an intriguing and unique character as Mary Magdalene. I also found her true to be true to her age with because she talks and acts like a teen . I love the writing style so fluid and captivating. I finished this book in one night. I also really liked the story line with her friend ( Yes just one) and her outrageous mother. This book made me laugh and cringe at time but a great story overall. If you like your ya with a murderous twist this is a great book . Give this to someone in 8Th grade or higher and they will be captivated from the first paragraph .

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