Monday, October 8, 2012

Review: Darkfever

Karen Marie Moning
     MacKayla, Mac for short, is a 22 year old bartender from Georgia. Still living with her parents while attending a few if any college courses. Her happy-go-lucky life is interrupted by the murder of her older sister , who has been studying abroad in Ireland.
     Mac's family is crushed. Her mother tries to bake and clean the pain away. Her father takes a different approach to his pain and anger. Locking himself in the study and hiding. Mac is just in shock. Then word comes from the police in Ireland. There is nothing more they can do. Mac pack her bags and goes to Ireland. Thinking she will force the police to reopen the case. Then thinking she will solve the case.
     Mac soon discovers her sister was not the person she thought she knew, for that matter neither is Mac. Faced with a power she never knew she had Mac has to battle to stay alive long enough to solve her sister's murder and save the world in the process.
Review: Great book. This book has it all with a main character who starts off all sugary sweet and develops into a real bada**. I loved Mac's transformation in this book Pulse pounding action and an ending that leaves you wanting more .The mystery also brings you to the edge of your seat and makes you read more and more. Hoping Mac will solve the crime and get justice for her sister.
     I am going to continue this series to see how it ends and how the relationship of the two main character unfolds.

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