Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review: The Jasmine Trade

The Jasmine Trade
Denise Hamilton
The victim is found dead in a chic shopping center parking lot, her two-carat engagement ring still on her finger. To the cops, it s a routine carjacking gone bad. But L.A. Times reporter Eve Diamond thinks there's more to the story. Searching for the truth plunges Eve into the darkest shadows of L.A., where young women are forced into virtual sexual slavery, and money can buy the most brutal pleasures.

But someone wants to keep these dirty little secrets from being revealed. Someone with more power than Eve knows. Someone who has killed once and will kill again
My Review: This book was a quick and suspenseful read. Wow just when you think you found a book that is about one thing you are introduced to something completely different. I was enthralled by this book. I kept thinking what going to happens next. This book starts off with what looks like a carjacking gone wrong. What follows is a rollercoaster of a ride so hold on to your seat. We go to parachute kids to smuggling to murder.  I would hate to be a reporter if it is this dangerous. Eve Diamond is a well written and well developed character with such bad luck my heart breaks for her. Then again this is just the first book. I have to read more I have no choice I need to know what lays ahead for Eve.

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