Monday, September 2, 2013

Review : Jinnie Wishmaker ( The Troubled Tweens # 1 )

Jinnie Wishmaker ( The Troubled Tweens #1)
D.D. Roy
Casey Shay Press
Eleven-year-old Jinnie has a dilemma--she can grant wishes, but she can't control the results. The school counselor tells Jinnie to join the Troubled Tweens, a group of kids with similar power problems. Maddy's touch makes anyone explode in anger. Grace can make people like her--as long as they don't let go of her arm. But their loose use of magic attracts the attention of the Loki, a group of magic thieves and pranksters. They want to steal an open-ended wish from Jinnie, and it will take all the limited and messed-up magic she and her friends possess to make sure their powers don't fall into the Loki's greedy hands.
My Review: This book was a fun and quick read that I really enjoyed. I think it is a great start to a series I will continue to read. Not only does it entertain the reader but also teaches responsibility and values. I also like the magical aspect of this book it kept me interested. I also like the fact that Jinnie is just discovering her magical gift and learning how to use them. As a reader it made me understand her fear and worries about her new gift. I love this book for the family values it instills in the children by the end, and how the adults in the book work with the kids to learn from them too. I have already bought a copy for my daughter to read and I am recommending it to all parent with children 8-12.

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