Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review The Girls He Adored

The Girls He Adored
Jonathan Nasaw
Atria Books
Adult Suspense
For ten years, the charmingly disheveled veteran FBI Special Agent E.L. Pender has been investigating the apparently random disappearances of a dozen women across the country. The only detail the cases have in common is the strawberry blond color of the victims' hair, and the presence of a mystery man with whom they were last seen. Then, in Monterey, California, a routine traffic stop erupts into a scene of horrific violence. The local police are stunned by a disemboweled strawberry blond victim and an ingenious killer with multiple alternating personalities. Pender is convinced he has found his man, but before he can prove it, the suspect stages a cunning jailbreak and abducts his court-appointed psychiatrist, Irene Cogan.

In a house on a secluded ridge in Oregon, Irene must navigate through the minefield of her captor's various egos -- male and female, brilliant and naïve, murderous and passive -- all of whom are dominated by Max, a seductive killer who views her as both his prisoner and his salvation. Irene knows that to survive she must play along with Max's game of sexual perversion. Only then will she be able to strip back the layers to discover a chilling story of a shattered young boy -- and all the girls he adored.

My Review: This book was great. I should have read it sooner. Pulse pounding action and intriguing plot. Jonathan Nasaw is a wonderful writer that make you want to read more. I wanted to scream at points while reading this book. Fast becoming one of my favorite authors. Keeps you on the edge of your seat and chills running up your spine. Dark and deadly two of my favorite things to read. Could not tear myself away from the story.
    Well written and fast paced I could not believe I read this book so fast. I am continuing the series even though I will have to re purchase the first two books so they will be on my book case for a creepy and terrifying re-read for next year.


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