Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: Pretties


Scott Westerfeld
Simon Pulse

      Transformed, by the operation, into a pretty Tally is starting to adjust to her dreamy new life. Until one party hat brings her perfect world tumbling down. An "Ugly" as they are called crashes to find Tally and gives her a message. Confused by his appearance into her ideal life, Tally followers the clues he left behind to find the Cure for being pretty-minded.
     Scott Westerfeld followed up the "Uglies" is a fast paced story, that has you asking yourself "What happens next" as you turn the pages. The characters are again well written and believable.With all the elements of the first book still in play. The sequel loose nothing, and gains new characters and interesting society.The book grabs hold of the reader and does not let go until the last page. When you do finish you find yourself rushing to the store to get the next in the series.
    I am looking forward to reading more from Mr. Westerfeld and will for years to come. Any teen that thinks life would be perfect if they looked better should be given this book and see the truth.

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