Saturday, September 15, 2012

Review: The Killing Hour

The Killing Hour
Lisa Gardner
     After being dormant for year, a killer is on the hunt again. He takes two victims at a time when the first body is discovered with clues to discover the other the clock starts ticking. The police have never beaten the clock before this time is going to be different if aspiring FBI agent Kimberly Quincy has anything to do with it.
      I really enjoyed the continuing saga of Quincy and Raine.I have read the other books in the series.  This picks up where they left off. This is book four in the series. Quincy's daughter Kimberly want to be an FBI agent. Like the last book she is added in but takes a bigger role in this book. It was interesting to see how the author made her a main character after being a supporting one in the other book. I like Kimberly a tough girl because of her past ( in book 3) but she is becoming more human. Kimberly growth in this book has made her a sympathetic heroine. Facing her emotions and dealing with living in daddy's shadow. I will read the rest of the series and I hope it continues for years to come.

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