Monday, September 10, 2012

Review : Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go

Heck : Where the Bad Kids Go
Dale E. Basye

   This book was good . Even the way they die is creative and funny. Milton and Marlo Fauster are a brother and sister who die in a marshmallow bear explosion. The team of Milton and Marlo work well together because of the complete opposite personality of the two children. Marlo is the hellion. Petty crimes and a goth look she drags her younger brother Milton with her on her last heist. Milton is the quiet studious type who is never in trouble until now. They are cast down to Heck.

    You see heck is for kids and there are several levels. The first level is where they start to be sent on to the level they belong. The problem, Milton does not belong there. But no mistakes are made here so here is where they will stay. Milton and Marlo plan to escape back to the surface and return to the living. That is where their adventure begins. This is a fun book to read. Reminded me of "The Shawshank Redemption" at one point ( if you read it you'll know what I am talking about.)That affected the rating I give it, because I think it went on a little too long.

    This book is a fast paced fun romp that has action and adventure. You also see the growth of these two characters. When they arrive in Heck they are mad at each other, but as the story goes on they realize as a team they will get further in their escape plan. Their bond grows and it is wonderful to see the sacrifices they go thru for each other.

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