Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: Vampire High

Vampire High
Douglas Rees
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Description:It doesn’t take long for Cody Elliot to realize that his new high school is a little different. The other students are supernaturally strong, don’t like the sunlight, and are always placing orders at the local blood bank. When his new friend shows him his fangs, Cody doesn’t need any more clues—these kids are vampires! As Cody struggles to fit into this secretive community, he disrupts centuries of human-vampire segregation, with some serious—and some seriously funny—consequences.

Review: This book puts a new and unique spin on the vampire tales we have all hear and read before. I really enjoyed this book it was a fun read with serious issues if you read between the lines. I did like how Cody wanted to be treated as an equal and be judged fairly. Not just pass because of the schools need for humans for water sports. Cody grows up a little and you find yourself hoping it works out for him. You can see him struggle with fitting in. Being bullied by the other humans because he is not content with the way things are. Despite all the odd against him he does manage to find some friend and in the end finish freshmen year.

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