Sunday, September 9, 2012

Review : Snow Angel

Snow Angel
Thom Racina
Description:  A famous television reporter arrives at her parents' home on Christmas morning, only to find them victims of a brutal double murder. And her world continues to shatter when she learns the murderer's identity.
Review: I liked this book it was different from the other I have read from him. Reason being you know from the start who the killer is. This also seemed to be more of a romance than a mystery. Then the tone changes and it is a mystery again. I keep reading for the twist that I have come to expect from this author and he did not disappoint.This book was fast paced and a good read I liked the characters. The female lead seems a little confussed by all the drama but comes through in the end. This book has you from page one and never lets go. As you read you keep hoping the killer gets caught, you hold your breath at certain points, as the police get closer to the killer.

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