Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: Secondhand Charm

Secondhand Charm
Julie Berry
Bloomsbury USA Children
Review: Evie is a young woman to go to University and become a doctor like her parents. Orphaned at a young age she lives in a small village with her grandfather. Her dream is soon realized when the King visits her village with a sick member of his party . Evie helps heal him and as a reward is granted admittance to University in the capital.
             On the journey to the capital Evie is faced with a series of bad luck and dangerous situations. She also discovers some unusual facts about herself. When she reaches the capital the soon to be Queen befriends her and her life seem to improve with the help of this new and powerful friend. Then again, maybe not. After learning the truth about herself and the people around her she must find the courage to overcome her fears and help save a Kingdom.

             I enjoyed this book. Evie was a likable and believable character. A young girl who believes she knows what she wants but gets sidetracked by her surroundings and her heart. I was entertained by the richly described landscape and supporting characters that help build this story. This book shows Evie going from a sheltered life to standing up for herself, I found that quite empowering and a lesson for everyone young and old .

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