Friday, September 14, 2012

Review : Airhead

Meg Cabot

       The story was about an average girl, who because of a horrible accident becomes another person. (A full body transplant) Imagine one day being yourself and waking up as a super model. Every ones dream to become famous and rich over night. There is just one problem. Your Dead. The life you lead up until you wake up in the hospital is gone. Friends, loves and family all gone. Now your thrown into a life you never wanted and have no idea about. New friends who think they have known you for years and loves you never knew. This was a look into the life we all want but don't quite understand.

      I thought this book was great. I found the plot unique and unusual. The character of Em Watts is great I could relate to her tom-boyish ways and it was nice and funny to see her stumble through the life she had been given . Em' s struggle to be true to herself and want to remain herself was both heart-warming and refreshing. I also love the fact that she wanted to stay close to her family. I think this book shows the true meaning of family values. Now we have to see what she does about her best friend.


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