Sunday, September 30, 2012

Review: Death of a Kleptomaniac

Death of a Kleptomaniac
Kristen Tracy
Hyperion Book
  This year Molly is finally popular. Her life is finally on the right track. She has everything she has ever wanted  and one thing she doesn't, kleptomania. Molly does not know why but she steals from everybody and anybody. She is only sixteen so she can fix that later right......Wrong. Molly's life is cut short by a tragic accident. Now she has to face her death and what is going to happen to her soul???
I enjoyed this book. Molly's character acts, how I think most people would behave when first presented with the fact that they have died, very self-centered and distressed over thier final destination. I was glad to see her character grow as she did later in the book. The other character in the book are not as well defined in the book but that is because we are seeing things through Molly's eyes. They do add substance to the story and are very important to the end result.

Molly's struggles with the choice of moving on or staying with her family. Trying to fix what she has done so she ends up where she wants to be. I thought this did it job wonderfully, dealing with life, loss, grief and what happens next.

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