Friday, September 14, 2012

Review: Solitary

Alexander Gordon Smith
Square Fish

    Solitary starts off second after Lock down ended in it terrific cliff hanger. Alex and company have blown up the wall and jump into a river to there escape, or so they thought. The river that was their salvation has in fact thrust them deeper into the bowels of the prison , and ultimately to their capture.

   So it is to solitary Alex and Zee go ( Gary's fate you will have to read about). Now being locked away and forgotten for days on end make Furnace look like paradise. Hope though never dies and another escape plan is rapidly hatched.

    The master story telling skills of Alexander Gordon Smith made this a nail-biting gut-wrenching tale. This book was another page turning adventure that was adrenaline pumping, heart racing detail and keep you reading. The vivid characters and the revelation of new secrets works well. The introduction of new characters gives fresh directions to a wonderful bone chilling story. Looking forward to reading the next chapter in the story.

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